62 Best Guitar Podcasts for Guitar Enthusiasts

Updated: Jan 18

This curated list is for guitar enthusiasts of all genres, styles, and skill levels looking to learn guitar. Guaranteed, through this list of the 62 best guitar podcasts, you will find the entertainment, advice, and lessons you are looking for in a guitar podcast.

You can find a lot of these guitar podcasts on spotify, apple music, or stitcher, but for your convenience we have added the best link to listen at. In addition, this list features guitar conversations podcasts, guitar lessons podcasts, guitar building podcasts, and classical guitar podcasts.

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Guitar Conversations Podcasts

1. ToneMob.com Podcast A lighthearted series that involves a group of friends sitting down to discuss their daily lives and love of guitar. Join host Blake Wyland and his crew as they enjoy a few laughs, interview a diverse group of guests, adventure down tangents, and talk guitar. A great show about guitar tone and the people behind it.

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60 cycle hum guitar podcast graphic

2. 60 Cycle Hum: The Guitar Podcast!

The ultimate bargain guitar podcast. Hosts Ryan and Steve spend their time investigating guitar gear on Craigslist, Ebay, and Reverb.com based off ads sent in by listeners. Discussion revolves around guitar gear and can be a great source of tips and tricks for guitar players.

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chasing tone podcast main picture

3. Chasing Tone - Guitar Podcast

A group of guitar heads and gurus talk shop about everything guitar related. Receive great tone advice as the four hosts interview guests and discuss guitars, pedals, amps and everything in between.

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4. The Fretboard Journal Guitar Podcast

A classy podcast from Fretboard Journal magazine. Each week the hosts take their time interviewing guitar legends from all over the industry asking them about their music and lives. An entertaining and highbrow podcast for those looking to relax and simply talk guitar.

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5. Guitar Conversations Podcast

This show is all about bringing guitarists together from diverse backgrounds and genres. Host Sergio Ercole is a Melbourne based Latin and classical guitarist and loves sharing guitar related ides and promoting different guitar news and events.

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6. The Guitar Podcast

The Guitar Podcast is exactly as the name omits. Here you can find conversations about guitars, amps, pedals, accessories, and much more. The host is great at offering valuable advice on guitar maintenance, tone, playing, and anything you need to help you shred.

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7. The Guitar Knobs

The Guitar Knobs focus on small niche, boutique brands of guitars, pedals, amps, and gear. These guys love presenting the guitar world that most don’t see with the many incredible, passionate, and gifted makers and players creating an array of amazing things.

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8. Six String Bliss: The Guitar Podcast

Hosts Pipes and PT strived to create a local guitar store atmosphere that you could take anywhere with you. Six-string bliss has been going since 2005 and involves two passionate individuals who love talking everything guitar.

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9.Guitar Nerds

Guitar Nerds is on the list of the best guitar podcasts because it is a weekly podcast that brings you the latest news, reviews, and interviews on guitars, amps, pedals, and gear. Hosted by a group of friends who love talking about their favorite guitarists and music.

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10. Jeff Floro: All About Guitar

Lifelong guitarist and enthusiast Jeff Floro hosts his podcast every monday night which explores guitar in all of its forms. Going beyond talking about tone, technique, and gear, Jeff ventures through any topic to help his listeners become better musicians.

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11. BGL Guitar Podcast

A simple show revolving around guitar, gear, and all things music. The host is great at explaining his thoughts and always encourages his listeners to “Play Like You Mean It”.

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the gak guitar shop podcast podcast

12. The GAK.co.uk Guitar Shop Podcast

UK’s #1 music store of guitars, amps, and keyboards bring their staff together to talk about guitars, amps, pedals, and more. A great show if you are looking for a casual conversation on various topics.

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13. The Guitar Channel - Passion Amplified

Since 2009, The Guitar Channel has been a passion amplifier for guitar aficionados. Discover the hidden talent behind the music you love while discovering new genres and improving your skills. This show priorities interviews with musicians and pros from a diverse set of genres and background.

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14. The Gear Slum Guitar Podcast

The Gear Slum is your one-stop shop for all things guitar culture. They dig deep so you don’t have to. This fun group of guys love talking about guitar, laughing at each other, and talking lightheartedly on guitar news.

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15. Guitar Speak Podcast

Guitar speak reaches out to the heart of a guitarist. Looking for insight through interviews with leading guitarists, luthiers, and gear builders from all over the world.

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16. The Total Guitar Podcast

This guitar conversation podcast is a monthly show centering around spreading the latest news, gear, and happenings in the world of guitars. From modern music, to classic tunes check these guys out for a great listen.

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17. The Crimson Guitars Podcast

Crimson guitars is a guitar manufacturer who also loves to get behind the mic and share their love of guitar with listeners. For great guitars check out their website, for great discussion check out their podcast.

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18. GuitarWank

Bruce Forman, Scott Henderson, and Troy MacCubbin combine their knowledge of jazz fusion/blues and their outlook for the hilarity to bring you an outrageous compilation of podcasts focusing on their love of guitar.

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19. Everyone loves guitar - podcast

These hosts sit down with brilliant minds in the world of guitar and pushes the limits to their sanity. Not your typical guitar interviews, but plenty of entertaining content and informative discussions.

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20. The Guitar Hour Podcast

If you happen to miss their live stream, follow up with the guitar hour podcast and listen to the hosts discuss the everything guitar related. From news to learning, to teaching, this show is nothing short of informative entertainment.

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21. Amps & Axes Podcast

If you’re looking for the latest news on amps, guitars, and everything in between, then “Amps & Axes” is the right show for you. Jeff Bober is considered to be the “Godfather of low wattage amps” and can help you reach new limits with your gear.

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22. Guitar Radio Show

Mark Daven is looking out for guitarists and artists world wide in his show “Guitar Radio”. He talks everything from guitar, musicians, groups, and gear and is a great listen to for any road trip.

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23. The Guitarcaster Podcast

Hosted by a group of guitar culture gurus, “The Guitarcaster Podcast” explores the guitar world and strives to inform guitar enthusiasts on the latest news of today.

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24. Guitar Business Radio - Podcast

This podcast boasts an all business mantra that will help you understand the business of guitar from all angles. A practical podcast that is also creative, engaging, and meaningful.

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25. The Practical Guitarist

A podcast built for all around guitar junkies who are looking for an entertaining show surrounded by all things guitar. Receive tips, share some laughs, and enjoy quality conversation from hosts David and Jim.

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26. GTN Podcast

Find your perfect tone with the guys at Guitar Tone Network who offer their unbiased opinions to help you tweak your rig. You can find this guitar podcast on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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27. No Guitar is Safe - Jude Gold

A complete overload of guitar information and conversation. Jude Gold brings in guitar professionals from around the world to talk shop and give advice on all things guitar. This show also features live playing, in-person interviews, and everything a guitar legend needs to plug in!

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28. Modern Fingerstyle Guitar

Listen to today's top artists as they discuss guitar playing, techniques, gear, and more. A show that ended in 2017, but still holds ground today as being informative and entertaining.

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29. At Guitar Center with Nic Harcourt

Take a ride with Nic Harcourt in this fun and exciting series of intimate performances and insightful interviews with the music industry’s most compelling artists.

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30. Wade's Guitar Shop Podcast

Coming from a small guitar shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Wade's guitar podcast brings you the latest talk on guitars, effects, amps, repairs and everything else guitar related. If you are looking for real talk inside a guitar shop, this show is for you.

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31. The Double-Stop Podcast

Brian Sword interviews a new artist every Monday and takes you through their life story and career as a musician. Listens as an audio documentary and is entertaining on every level.

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32. Gear for Guitar

If you need help looking for quality product reviews and conversations about guitar gear, this is the best guitar podcast for you. These hosts are experienced musicians who love offering their two cents on gear. They also bring in quality guests to share their wisdom.

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33. About the Music

In “About the Music”, popular guitarist Pat Metheny talks about his past recordings, work as a musician, favorite guitars and more. Enjoy an up close and personal look at a real musician.

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34. GuitCast

This weekly podcast is built for men, hosted by three guys providing the latest news and gear reviews for the guitar community. They also enjoy interviewing some of the biggest names in the guitar world today.

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35. Chris & Rick Talk Guitars

This podcast is exactly as the title portrays. Two friends who have kept their day jobs, sit down to discuss guitar and guitar related topics. They specifically enjoy dealing with vintage instruments.

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36. Get Offset

This show is not limited to conversing about offset guitars. Hosts Emily Harris and Andrew Rinard aim to be a voice of reason in the guitar gear community and are always making human decency a top priority.

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37. The High Gain

GenX-ers, John and Ed, converse about the people, places, and events surrounding the birth of each instrument they talk about. These two wild cards are bound to entertain you as they tell their stories and experiences with guitars.

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38. 6 Strings and the Truth

Award-winning soloist, Michael Watts looks to perform interviews, offer lessons, and give entertaining commentaries as he talks with a vast array of guitar luthiers.

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39. From the Factory Podcast (taylor guitars)

Cameron and Jay from Taylor guitars spend their time hanging out with guitarists, music insiders, and guitar engineers from the Taylor factory. The two have a knack for chatting about guitars, music, and provide an inside look at the Taylor Guitars factory.

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40. Riff Raff

Shane Theriot enjoys music and jokes, and this podcast isn’t shy of either. Shane sits down with fellow artists and talks about making music, gear, and everything that comes mind. They also do a bit of jamming. If you’re looking for a fun, easy going podcast, then “Riff Raff” is your jam.

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41. Kingdom of Rock

These two hosts aim to tackle the most pressing questions in the music industry, focusing on the business side. They interview business gurus and rock stars trying to touch on every problem that a professional musician in business would encounter.

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42. 20 Questions JHS Pedals Podcast

This show may have ended in 2016, but still provides a large amount of entertainment as Josh Scott sits down with musicians, artists, and gear manufacturers to give you a behind the scenes look of the music industry.

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43. The Eddie Trunk Podcast

Eddie Trunk is a household name in the hard rock and metal music scenes and in this show he offers his insight, commentary, reviews, discussion, and in-depth interviews straight to you.

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44. Justin Guitar Podcast

Popular guitar teacher, Justin Sandercoe takes to the mic to offer his guitar related interviews, discussions, reviews, and rants about guitars and the music industry.

Beginner Guitar HQ put together a great review for Justin's podcast. View it here.

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45. Rig Rundowns

Enjoy backstage access of your favorite bands and artists in the popular “Rig Rundowns” podcast. The Premiere Guitar team takes an in-depth look at the live gear used by popular guitar and bass players from every genre under the sun.

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46. Conversations in the Key of Life

Join Shawn Hammond as he sits down with everyday guitarists and bassists to talk about their comical and entertaining experiences with meeting guitar heroes, lucky gear finds, tragedy behind the music, gigs from hell and more.

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Guitar Lessons Podcasts

47. Guitar Lessons with Tune in, Tone up!

Hosts Dan and Gary are crazy about guitar and want to share their love with you. In this guitar podcasts, they offer free lessons and advice on how to improve your guitar playing, no matter what level of guitarist you are.

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48. The Start Teaching Guitar Podcast

This free rendition of STG offers great tips and tricks on mastering your craft of teaching guitar. Focusing on both the teaching and business aspects, STG will teach you how to attract more students, keep existing ones, and get paid what you’re worth. They also offer a paid membership that offers additional resources.

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49. Learn Guitar

Coming out of the National Guitar Academy, Learn Guitar will make you a better guitarist through tips and secrets for rapid progression. The hosts simplify the guitar world and talk everything you need to master your craft.

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50. Classical Guitar & Beyond

Host David Steinhardt reaches beyond the typical classical guitar podcast and strives to connect with the listener while providing informative discussions.

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51. The Tonebase Classical Guitar Podcast

A bi-monthly podcast that aims for in-depth conversations with great classical guitar minds. This is the best guitar podcast for you no matter if you're a classical fanatic, or a casual player, this podcast is informative and entertaining.

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52. Fingerstyle Guitar Hangout

Are you looking to improve your fingerpicking game? Take control of your musical destiny with Adam Rafferty as he teaches you the best habits and increases your musical knowledge alongside world class musicians.

Listen Here

53. The Fret Files | Guitar Workshop Podcast

Go beyond playing guitar and receive tips from a 20 year guitar repair veteran and learn the craft of guitar tech, repair, tools, building and everything involved in the art of guitar craftsmanship.

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54. Guitar Music Theory Lessons Podcast

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, Guitar Music Theory can help you make exponential strides in your ability to understand and play all aspects of the fretboard.

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55. Flatpicking Guitar Podcast

The Flatpicking Guitar podcast features interviews with the top guitar flatpickers from around the world. Improve your flatpicking technique and enjoy an influx of informative interviews and discussion.

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56. Learning Guitar Now

Improve your blues and slide guitar skills through these free audio lessons with John Tuggle. With more than 17 years of experience teaching guitar, you are bound to learn many new techniques to help you excel.

Listen Here or Here

57. The Scott’s Bass Lessons Podcast

If you love bass, you need to check out Scott Devine’s podcast that focuses on conversing with the best and most respected bass players from around the world.

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58. Play Guitar Podcast

This show was created for beginner, intermediate, and advanced guitar players get out of their rut and fine tune their craft. Every episode is made up of a free, run, and easy lesson to help you get in the right mindset of moving forward in your guitar playing.

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Classical Guitar Podcasts

59. The Classical Guitar Corner

If classical guitar is your passion, listening to the Classical Guitar Corner is a great step for making strides in your playing. They offer a variety of discussions on topics that will help you elevate your classical guitar playing. They even interview world class classical guitarists and invite them to share insight from their lifetime of music.

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60. Classical Guitar Insider

If you enjoy listening to or playing classical guitar, the Classical Guitar Insider is your one-stop-shop for interviews with musicians, journalists, and luthiers that have helped shape the fabric of the classical guitar universe.

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Guitar Building Podcasts

​61. The Luthierist Podcast

Host Paul Rhoney takes you through the journey of guitar making and building. Learn from a great craftsman and receive the tools to help you build your own guitar.

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62. In the Making - Guitar Building and Design

In The Making is a guitar podcast that focuses on guitar making and designing. From guitars to cases to cabinets, look to this crew of experts to guide you in your building process.

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