How to choose the best guitar pick for your style of play (2018 Custom Guitar Picks)

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

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Choosing the right guitar pick rests on thing: comfort. If you aren’t comfortable when your are playing guitar, you will never be able to make progress. Achieving comfort will allow you to become loose when playing and open doors to becoming more creative. Whether you want to jam alone in your room, or play in front of 10,000 people, being comfortable will breed confidence, which will lead to shredding in style.

So, how do you achieve this euphoric sense of ultimate comfort? Well, it all starts with your guitar pick. Choosing the best guitar pick thickness for your style of play is all about trial and error. If you cannot find a guitar pick that suits your style, you can always look into what custom guitar picks are being offered online.

If you are a beginner, you may not know the different types of guitar picks available to you. You may have been handed a squire strat, a thing that resembles a rounded triangle, and told to practice a set of basic chords.

This is a great way to start learning, but what if that pick doesn’t sit right in your hand? Wouldn’t you rather be given a choice and been able to practice with different styles of guitar picks? Well we think you do. Below is a quick guide to the different options you have when it comes to choosing a guitar pick. Keep in mind, these options do not even come close to the vast number of choices you have when it comes to online guitar picks, but it is a good way to gain an idea of what you may be looking for.

Custom guitar pick styles and the different sizes they offer.


If you walk down to your neighborhood guitar shop you may notice many different styles of guitar picks. Picks ranging from half the size of your hand down to the size of a penny. This will show you that picks are not one-size fits all. There are many different custom shapes and sizes of guitar picks, but the three most common are the equilateral, teardrop, and standard.

Equilateral: This guitar pick is exactly as it sounds. Three equal sides creating a perfect triangle with each side having the ability to be used for play. This guitar pick is usually on the larger size and is great for beginners getting used to holding a pick and plucking.

Teardrop: The teardrop guitar pick is more of a rounded tool. The teardrop comes in a variety of different styles including wide (which leans on the heavier side) and thin (which is more flexible).

Standard: This is the most common guitar pick you will see and is a great balance between equilateral and the teardrop. Most guitarists prefer this style of guitar pick is it has a wide base to hold and smoothly transitions down into a nice founded point.


The material of a guitar pick has an even larger range than the styles. Throughout the years, guitar picks have been noticed to be made out of metal, wood, bone, glass, and even coins for the most desperate players. The most common, and typically most comfortable, are the picks made out of either nylon or celluloid.

Nylon provides a slick surface that easily slides across the strings creating a vibrant, clean tone. Celluloid is typically used by guitarists looking for a more traditional or vintage tone. However, many different types of materials are used when creating a thinner or thicker guitar pick. The celluloid and nylon picks are for more mid-range thicknesses.


As mentioned above, the material used for you guitar pick will depend on the thickness you prefer. As a standard practice, acoustic guitars are used with thinner picks while rock-n-roll utilizes thicker guitar. The reasoning behind these practices is that thinner guitar picks are easy for strumming and will be picked up less by the pick-ups or mic, while a more durable pick is easier to play faster with, such as harder strumming and solos.

Custom Guitar Picks

As you continue to learn more about your guitar pick preferences, you may learn that a custom guitar pick is something you want. There are many different custom guitar picks that offer different benefits. For instance, the sure grip guitar pick was created to prevent finger cramping and help guitarists gain a strong grip on their pick. The sure grip guitar pick comes with a rubber grip that provides a comfortable balance between sturdy and loose. Buy yours today from our online store!

Guitar picks are an essential tool to begin playing your style of play. We encourage you to try a handful of different guitar picks before you decide which one you will use. Our team loves talking all things guitar, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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