The Rise of Custom Guitar Picks

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

guitarist playing with a custom guitar pick

There is no one perfect guitar pick. In a world where there are so many different styles of music genres, guitars, strings, and body styles, there needs to be a guitar pick thickness that offers each of these combinations for the perfect matching pick. Every guitar player is unique and needs to have the options of guitar picks that their styles of play requires.

This is where custom guitar picks bring a great amount of versatility to the jack-of-all-trades guitarist. Custom guitar pick manufacturers and shops are becoming a large market, especially for shops that have been around for a long time.

Jim Dunlop now allows their customers to design their own custom guitar pick straight from their website.

Amazon has an entire page dedicated to designer guitar picks that allows you to choose any aspect of the pick from the decal to the shape.

Etsy is littered with custom guitar pick shops where you can design any pick to be a necklace, key-chain, bracelet, and any other jewelry or trinket you can think of.

And even the beloved D’Andrea pick company offers a custom shop similar to that of Jim Dunlop where customers can choose their pick designs to be printed on the famous no. 351 style pick.

So, when did custom guitar picks become all the rage?

Well, it’s simple: as our society and music industry advanced, so did the desire to be unique. Everyone wants to have something that no one else does. To be unique means that you stand out among the crowd.

That’s why when you see all these bands nowadays showing off their latest tour merch, you will almost always see a custom guitar pick among the t-shirts and vinyls.

There are now more custom guitar pick options than there are guitar options. You can create a pick out of any material, in any color, to have any picture or phrase on it and we are just scratching the surface. The amount of new-age guitar pick shapes there are is too many to even list.

custom guitar pick zoomed in on fingers

Where there comes more variety, there comes more options for guitar pick companies to tailor to their customers needs. So what do they do instead? Let the customer be the designer, and make them pay more for their preferences.

Every guitarist has their own preference. Some like them small, some like them big, and others are looking for all around comfort. With so many different styles of guitar playing in the world today, it’s impossible to create a guitar pick to accommodate every single one.

However, the early guitar pick gurus will always argue that the best guitar pick is often one that can accommodate many different styles of playing. Take for instance the "turtle shell." This style of guitar pick is one of the most common and well known types of picks in the world.

Used by the likes of rock idols Jimi Hendrix, Angus Young, and more modern musicians like JB Brubaker and Jack White. This simple design has been utilized by almost every guitarist ranging in almost every different genre.

Small, large, thin, or thick, the turtle shell guitar pick is a diverse style of pick that many guitar pick high-brows believe is your best option when you need to shred a solo, or sing around the campfire. There has been many different alterations made to this style pick throughout the years.

You can get a pick with ridges on the end to help you hold it, or you can get a custom guitar pick with comfortable grips on the end. It all depends on what you are looking for and what your style is.

Either way, there is always going to be a guitar pick out there that is perfect for you, you may just have to create it yourself.

If you are looking for a new way to rock, contact our shop to learn about the sure grip guitar pick.

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