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Rubber Grip Guitar Picks

Sure Grip has mastered the rubber grip guitar pick. Our unique design takes advantages of what guitar picks have been lacking forever. The rubber grip offers a soft touch feel that is comfortable and assuring. The rubber grip works like guitar pick grip tape to help you maintain a firm hold on your pick while you play. During long periods of playing, your fingers may experience cramping with regular picks and even become covered in sweat. The Sure Grip eliminates the cramping and allows you to play for hours on end without any discomfort.

The second major benefit of the Sure Grip is just as the name implies. Standard guitar picks are subject to slipping from the holders grasp due to the slickness of the pick or perspiration on the players fingers. Our unique design keeps guitar pick slipping to a minimum so you can play non-stop for hours. Stop looking for how to make guitar picks sticky. Look to the Sure Grip to help you keep the pick between your fingers. The Sure Grip has a raised profile which tends to slightly capture or align the fingers in place and prevent slipping.


These custom made guitar picks in West Chicago feature a smooth rubber grip that also neutralizes the effect of perspiration on the fingers. With a deep revere for the history of guitar picks, we have the confidence that you will experience a different type of guitar playing. We have the perfect combination of guitar pick dimensions and sizes for any style of guitar playing.

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